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Pamela Francis

I was born Pamela Jean Bywaters September 22 1955 in Ft. Louis Washington. As an army brat, my Father got orders to go to Korea coinciding with my birth. He was to have taken my Mother & me with him; due to my apparent vision impairment the Korean Government didn’t feel they had the proper facilities to deal with my needs. In view of the circumstances, my Father was given a hardship discharge from the Army.

I have had a love for music ever since I can remember carrying around a 6 transistor radio all day every day. As a young girl, I sang in youth choir at church; also learning to play the piano.

At age 15, I got my first taste of performing. During that summer, I worked with a piano player in a lounge where my Mother was a cocktail waitress.

My Father helped inspire my love for music; as he was a bass player in a band when I was very young.

When I became old enough, he became my singing partner for family events etc.

At age 20, I lost him to cancer. For years I put down my music until I reconnected with my childhood sweetheart from the Missouri School for the blind.

We married in 2004. Since I had seen him, I had lived in Florida, had 2 children who are both grown & become very civic minded. We made our home here in Kansas City where I have called home since January 1995. We performed both locally & regionally throughout our marriage. He once gave me a challenge to “go get my own show.” He along with presenters I have known inspired me to become a broadcaster. In that small way, I took his challenge & met it.

Currently, along with my 2 grown children, I have 4 grandchildren.

Working on the radio gives me an opportunity to give back a little of what I have been given through the years.

I like to say, If I can make one person happy, I have done my job.

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