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Requests made during voice tracked shows, live programming, recorded shows or replays, or during Specialty hour blocks will be played when those events have ended. This is because those playlists can not be modified to accommodate requests.

If you canít find something that you are looking for, or if you feel that something should be included in our library but is not, please email

If you have any problems or questions please email or post to the radio list.

Happy listening and requesting!

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MCBVI Radio Requests

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.38 SpecialBone Against Steel
.38 SpecialChattahoochee
.38 SpecialComin' Down Tonight
.38 SpecialHot 'Lanta
.38 SpecialInnocent Eyes
.38 SpecialLittle Sheba
.38 SpecialLove Strikes
.38 SpecialMidnight Magic
.38 SpecialMoney Honey
.38 SpecialNever Be Lonely
.38 SpecialRock and Roll Strategy
.38 SpecialSecond Chance
.38 SpecialThe Love That I've Lost
.38 SpecialWhat's It to Ya?
(01) Chilly Evenings
(02) Mr. Customs Man
(03) St. James Infirmary
(04) Walking Blues
(05) Alice's Restaurant
(07) City of New Orleans
(08) If I Could Go Back Home
(09) Motorcycle Song
(10) House of the Rising Sun
(11) Not Far From Here
01 ~ There Ain't Nothin' Wrong With The Radio
01 A Brand New Me
01 All Night Long
01 Always You
01 Art of Virtue
01 B. B. Boogie
01 Bend Me, Shape Me
01 Come On In (Album Version)
01 Everything's Archie (Archie's Theme)
01 Everythings Archie
01 God Of The Sun
01 Lookin Out for No 1
01 Loving Me Lately
01 Migration
01 On My Feet Again
01 Planet Claire
01 Prologue
01 Pumpkin
01 Rock 'n' Roll Damnation
01 Statesboro Blues
01 Step Out Of Your Mind
01 The Long Way
01 There is a fountain filled wit
01 Unforgettable
01 Waiting for Margaux
01 You Know I Love You
01_Time Passages
01-Ain't Wasting Time No More
01-Beautiful Music
01Four Wheel Drive
01-La Sagrada Familia
01-Let's Talk About Me
01-Mr. And Misdemeanor
01-Prime Time
01The Letter Previously Unreleased
01-The Letter That Johnny Walker Read
01-Titanic Overture
01-Wasn't It A Bit Like Now (Parallel '23)
01You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet
02 Warren Harding
02 ~ You've Got To Stand For Something
02 52 Girls
02 Before And After
02 Bonaparte's retreat
02 Boys And Girls
02 Cool It (We're Not Alone)
02 Day Dreaming
02 Done Somebody Wrong
02 Down Payment Blues
02 For You and I
02 Get On The Line
02 I Can't Remember, But Yes
02 Knock On Wood
02 Lonely Bed
02 Love Is Just A State Of Mind
02 My guy
02 Nobody Like You
02 Precious Lord (take my hand) (vers 1)
02 Pretty Thing
02 Prodigal Man
02 Rose Petals, Incense And A Kitten (Album Version)
02 Senorita Rita
02 Slow Down
02 Tasting History
02 The Coney Island Waltz
02 Walkin' And Cryin'
02_Valentina Way
02-10 Minutes Before The Worm
02-Bump Bounce Boogie
02I Think You Better Slow Down Slow Down Boogie Previously Unr
02-Les Brers In A Minor
02-Let Me Go Home
02-Mountain Top
02Not Fragile Quad Mix
02-On A Quiet Night
02-Separate Lives
02She's A Devil
02-Too Late
02-What Goes Up
02-Why Does She Love Me_
02-Woman Down
03 What's Going On
03 _That's The Place That You Ruined, You Fool!_
03 ~ Working Man's Ph.D.
03 Bicycles, Roller Skates And You
03 Dance This Mess Around
03 Don't Cry Baby
03 For His Namesake
03 Gimme A Bullet
03 Hey You
03 Hills and Hollers
03 it's my own fault
03 Like Always (Album Version)
03 Look Before You Leap
03 Memory
03 New Games To Play
03 One Way Out
03 Precious Lord (take my hand) (vers 2)
03 Sometime In The Morning
03 Sweet lover
03 Take These Chains
03 This Is
03 Time For Love
03 Time
03 Try A Little Tenderness
03 We Gotta Get Out Of This Place
03 Welcome, Your In Love
03_Life In Dark Water
03-Alvin Lee-You Told Me
03-Closer To Heaven
03-Days Are Numbers (The Traveller)
03-Devil Take The Hindmost
03Hey You
03Hold Back The Water
03-Miles And Miles Of Texas
03-One Good Reason
03-Psalm 104
03Rock Is My Life And This Is My Song Quad Mix
03-Sing Low, Sweet Cheerio
03-The Eagle Will Rise Again
03-'Til You
03-We Love Us
03You've Got To Stand For Something
04 Bedsitter Images
04 ~ I Got It Honest
04 Bang-Shang-A-Lang
04 Been So Long
04 Everything That Touches You (Album Version)
04 Freeways
04 Gone Shootin'
04 Heaven By The Sea
04 Hoochie Coochie
04 I'm Not A Juvenile Delinquent
04 I've Been Tryin'
04 Jump the Broom
04 Now She's Gone
04 Rock Lobster
04 Shock in the Tube
04 Skylark
04 Stormy Monday
04 Sugar And Spice
04 The Other Night Blues
04 The Right To Cry
04 The Same Old Thing
04 Today I sing the blues
04 Turning it into Water
04 Waiting For The Yellow One
04 Walls
04 You grow closer
04 You Make Me Wanna Dance
04 You're All I Need To Get By
04_Man For All Seasons
04-Below Your Means
04Blue Collar
04Flat Broke Love
04-Heaven By The Sea (Reprise)
04-Mountain Jam
04-Old Man's Rubble
04-One More River
04Roll On Down The Highway
04-Route 66
04-Since The Last Goodbye
04-Sooner Or Later
04-Standing On Higher Ground
04-Today Mueller
04-When Love Comes To Me
05 Post World War Two Blues
05 ~ My Blue Angel
05 Archies Party
05 Good Natured Emma
05 I Wonder (Where Are You Tonight)
05 It's Fallen Off
05 I've Got To Get You Off My Mind
05 La Dee Doo Down Down
05 Last Night
05 Lava
05 LipstickTraces
05 Maybe 'im a fool
05 Mojo Workin
05 Mr. Pawnbroker
05 My sin is Pride
05 Never grow old
05 No Easy Way Down
05 Only For Him _ Only For You
05 Political Poachers
05 Ready, Willing And Able
05 Riff Raff
05 Spanish Harlem
05 Takin' Care of Business
05 The Hunger
05 Toymaker (Album Version)
05 You Don't Love Me
05_Almost Lucy
05-Brand New Start
05-Can't Take It With You
05-Don't Answer Me
05Four Wheel Drive
05Gimme Your Money Please
05-Money Talks
05-Nothin' Takes The Place Of You
05-One Way Out
05She's Keepin Time
05-Vulture Culture
06 Roads to Moscow
06 ~ Honky-Tonk Superman
06 Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing
06 All night long
06 Angel
06 Anonymous Flcoholic
06 Barefoot Gentleman (Album Version)
06 Be Strong
06 Don't Forget About Me
06 Down Down
06 Drinking Again
06 Green Light
06 Heat of the Cell
06 Inside The House
06 My Love will Keep
06 Sarah
06 Sin City
06 Take Me If You Want Me
06 The Aerie
06 There's A Moon In The Sky
06 To Put Up With You
06 Trouble No More
06 Truck Driver
06 Truck Driver
06 Where Did I Go Wrong
06 Whos Your Baby
06 you done lost your good thing now
06_The Palace Of Versailles
06-Bathing Beauty
06-Dancing On A Highwire
06-Fields Of Regret
06-Grape, Grape Joy
06Hey You
06-In The Lap Of The Gods
06-Inside Looking Out
06Quick Change Artist
06Stayed Awake All Night Unreleased Version
06-The Trouble With Lovin' Today
06-Trouble No More
07 Life Between the Wars
07 Terminal Eyes
07 ~ I Was Born With A Broken Heart
07 Another Bad Morning
07 Catchin Up On Fun
07 Catfish Blues
07 Don't It Make You Cry
07 Ella Arkansas
07 He will wash you white as snow
07 Hero Worship
07 High Heel Sneakers
07 In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed
07 Melody Hill
07 Nobody like you
07 Old Dog
07 Please Don't Stop
07 Powder
07 Reds in my Bed
07 Rock 'n Roll Show
07 Runnin' Out Of Fools
07 Sergeant Darkness
07 Shades Of Green & Grey
07 Sunshine
07 'Till I Hear You Sing
07 Time For Livin' (Album Version)
07 Until You Come Back To Me (That's What I'm Gonna Do)
07 Up To My Neck In You
07 You Aint Seen Nothing Yet
07-_Mother, Did You Watch__
07_Timeless Skies
07-Choo Choo Ch'boogie
07Flat Broke Love Quad Mix
07Lowland Fling
07-Never My Love
07-No Longer Umpirw
07-Parseo De Gracia
07-Somebody Out There
07-Stand Back
07Thank You For The Feelin'
07-Walking In The Light
07-You Don't Believe
08 Nostradamus
08 ~ I Wonder How Far It Is Over You
08 6060-842
08 Are You There
08 Butterfly
08 Crossroads
08 Curb Your Elephant
08 Down on Me
08 Giry Confronts The Phantom _ 'Til I Hear You Sing (Reprise)
08 Here In Here (Album Version)
08 If ever I would leave you
08 Im In Love
08 I'm In Love
08 Let It Ride
08 Life Line
08 Mindrocker
08 Muddy Water
08 My Girl
08 Rastus Russell
08 Save A Seat for me
08 Scarlet
08 What Can You Do When You're Lonely
08 What's Next To The Moon
08 While the blood runs warm
08 Whipping Post
08 Whos Gonna Love Me
08 Who's Your Baby
08_Song On The Radio
08-Beautiful Flyaway
08-Before The Performance
08-Blue Sky
08Don't Let The Blues Get You Down
08Don't Let The Blues Get You Down
08-Happiness Is
08-Levity Ball (Live At The Cheetah)
08Takin' Care Of Business
08-Texas, Me And You
08-The Same Old Sun
08-What A Difference You've Made
09 Anyway That You Want Me
09 Bird
09 Christine Disembarks
09 Cold Hearted Man
09 Downtown
09 Flat Broke Love
09 Johnny B. Goode wJohnny Winter
09 Loaded For Bear
09 Mr Factory
09 Pull The Shades
09 River Of No Regrets
09 Road Back Home
09 Sands of Time
09 Seventeen Aint Young
09 Short Skirts
09 Soulville
09 Sugar, Sugar
09 Sweet Bitter Love 1
09 The Time It Is Today (Album Version)
09 These Brown Eyes
09 They Call Me A Playboy
09 Tokyo
09 Wedding Ring
09 Yield not to temptation
09 You Move Me
09-Ammonia Avenue
09-B. B. On Mars
09-Devil Take The Hindmost (Reprise)
09Find Out About Love
09Give It Time
09-Jumpin' At The Woodside
09-Little Martha
09-Shadow Of A Lonely Man
1 everybody want to know why i sing the blues
1. Here in My House
1. Rock Soldiers
10 Can We All Come Together
10 Don't Get Weary
10 Dust My Broom wJohnny Winter
10 Feel No Shame
10 He Will Set Your Fields on Fire
10 I Don't ThinkYou Know Me
10 Kicked In The Teeth
10 Love And Rock N Roll Music
10 Master Of My Fate
10 Monster
10 Old Mister Time
10 Partners In Life
10 Ride Ride Ride
10 Something He Can Feel (single edit)
10 Something You Got
10 The Bus Song (Album Version)
10 The shoop shoop song (it's in his kiss)
10 Until You Were Gone
10 Who's Gonna Love Me
10-I Know Better Know
10It's Over
10-Love Never Dies
10-Round Again
10-Wantin' Ain't Gettin'
10Welcome Home
10-We've Gone As Far As We Can Go
10-Win and Win
11 _What A Dreadful Town!..._
11 A Change Is Gonna Come
11 Birthday Morning (Album Version)
11 Book of Life
11 Don't Make Me Leave You
11 From Rochdale to Ocho Rios
11 Golden Ticket
11 Hide And Seek
11 Hurricane
11 Jingle Jangle
11 Lee cross
11 Look Into Your Heart
11 Music To Think By
11 Out In The Cold Again
11 Over And Over
11 Rock and Roll Nights
11 Uptight (Everything's Alright)
11-_Ah Christine!..._
11-Apple Bush
11Let It Ride
11-Requiem For The Masses
11Take It Like A Man
11-The Lord Has A Will
12 Bang Shang A Lang
12 Bend Me, Shape Me (Alternate Version)
12 Down To The Water
12 Everything You've Wanted to Know about !!!
12 Inside-Out, Upside-Down
12 Jamaica
12 Look With Your Heart
12 More Than Just a Joy
12 Operation heartbreak
12 Respect 2
12 Train On A One-Track Mind
12 Waldo P Emerson Jones
12 Walls of Jericho
12-_Gustave! Gustave!..._
12-Earwigs To Eternity
12-Edge of Evolution
12Free Wheelin' Quad Mix
12Lookin' Out For 1
12-On And On
13 A Summer Prayer For Peace
13 Beneath A Moonless Sky
13 I Needed You
13 I'm Gonna Make You Mine
13 It's All the Same
13 Misty
13 Prove It 2
13 Sugar And Spice
13-_Please Miss Giry, I Want To Go Back..._
13-Changing Arranging
13Down To The Line Previously released as Mercury single 73724
13-He Gave Me A New Song
14 (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman
14 Dance
14 Farther Along
14 Feelin So Good
14 Green
14 Once Upon Another Time
14 Search On
14 Sunshine
14 Trouble in mind
14Blue Moanin'
14Don't Get Yourself In Trouble Live Version
15 _Mother Please, I'm Scared!_
15 Ain't No Way 2
15 Brokedown Palace
15 Comes The Sun
15 Get It Right (single edit)
15 Melody Hill
15 This Is Love
15Shotgun Rider
16 Archie's Party
16 Dear Old Friend
16 Freeway of Love (single edit)
16 People Get Ready 2
16 Rock And Roll Music
16 Runnin' out of fools
16 Suddenly Susan
16I'm In Love
17 Beautiful
17 I Dreamed A Dream
17 I Say A Little Prayer 1
17 Kissin
17 Muddy water
17 One Big Family
18 A Rose Is Still A Rose (single edit)
18 Dont Touch My Guitar
18 Its The Summertime
18 The Beauty Underneath
18 What a difference a day makes
18 You Send Me 2
19 Circle Of Blue
19 Nessun Dorma (live)
19 Night Life (Live) 1
19 The Phantom Confronts Christine
19 This Is Love
19 Walk on by
2 my mama love me but she could be jivin too
2. Calling to You
2. Journey
20 Crazy He Calls Me 1
20 Dont Need No Bad Girl
20 Sugar Sugar
20 The Only Thing Missin'
20 Try a little tenderness
21 Don't Play That Song 1
21 Every little bit hurts
21 Should Anybody Ask
21 You Little Angel You
21-Next Time You Fall In Love
22 Bicycles Roller Skates And You
22 Easy Guy
22 Mockingbird
22 Try Matty's 1
23 Call Me 1
23 Hot Dog
23 Maybe Im Wrong
23 People
24 Bridge Over Troubled Waters
24 What Goes On
25 Carousel Man
25 Love Light
26 Hold On To Lovin
26 Jingle Jangle
27 Everythings Alright
27 This Is The Night
28 Little Green Jacket
28 Shes Putting Me Through Changes
29 Justine
29 Together We Two
3 ain't nobody home
3. Breakout
30 Throw A Little Love My Way
30 Whoopee Tie Ai A
31 Nursery Rhyme
31 Strangers In The Morning
32 Get On The Line
32 Plum Crazy
4 the thrill is gone
4. Into the Night
5 humming bird
5. Love Me Right
6 i been downhearted ever since the day we met
6. Something Moved
7 caldonia
7. Fractured Too
8 the sweetest thing
Allan Parsons Project (Best Of 1977- 1983) Track01
Allan Parsons Project (Best Of 1977- 1983) Track02
Allan Parsons Project (Best Of 1977- 1983) Track03
Allan Parsons Project (Best Of 1977- 1983) Track04
Allan Parsons Project (Best Of 1977- 1983) Track05
Allan Parsons Project (Best Of 1977- 1983) Track06
Allan Parsons Project (Best Of 1977- 1983) Track07
Allan Parsons Project (Best Of 1977- 1983) Track08
Allan Parsons Project (Best Of 1977- 1983) Track09
Allan Parsons Project (Best Of 1977- 1983) Track10
Allan Parsons Project (Best Of 1977- 1983) Track11
Allan Parsons Project (Best Of 1977- 1983) Track12
Allegheny Moon
Aretha Franklin-The Great Aretha Franklin- The First 12 Sides-0
as01Lost In Love
as02Even The Nights Are Better
as03The One That You Love
as04Every Woman In The World
as06Making Love Out Of Nothing At All
as07All Out Of Love
as08Here I Am
as09Sweet Dreams
Badfinger (The Best Of) 01 Come And Get It
Born To Be With You
Cry Me A River
Fourwheel Drive
Head Over Heels
Hey There
Honey Honey
I Am the City
I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do
I Really Don't Want To Know
I Wonder (Departure)
I'm Confessin' That I Love You _ I'm A Fool To Care
It Only Hurts For A Little While
Long White Line
Make Love To Me
Moments To Remember
Old Cape Cod
On & On & On
Our Last Summer
Ring Ring
Rollin Down the Highway
Secret Love
So Long
Summer Night City
Teach Me Tonight
The Day Before You Came
The Visitors
The Way Old Friends Do
The Wayward Wind
Track 1
Track 1
Track 1
Track 1
Track 10
Track 10
Track 10
Track 11
Track 11
Track 11
Track 12
Track 12
Track 12
Track 13
Track 2
Track 2
Track 2
Track 3
Track 3
Track 3
Track 4
Track 4
Track 4
Track 5
Track 5
Track 5
Track 6
Track 6
Track 6
Track 7
Track 7
Track 7
Track 8
Track 8
Track 8
Track 9
Track 9
Track 9
True Love
Under Attack
We All Go Down
When All Is Said And Done
When I Fall In Love
When I Kissed the Teacher
You Are The Woman
You Belong To Me
01Anastacia - Seasons Change
01Baby Please Don't Go
01Bring You Joy
01Chasin That Neon Rainbow
01Cotton Jenny
01Dear Old Dixie
01Drinkin' Beer
01Early In The Morning ft. Van Morrison
01Every Time You Say Goodbye
01Hold Me (Just A Little Longer Tonight)..
01how can this be love
01I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow
01If You've Got The Time
01Lovely Night
01Lucky One
01Pete's Mambo
01Sailin' 'Cross The Devil's Sea
01Summer of 300 years
01The Coming Of Kohoutek (live)
01The Wheel
01whipping post
02Bury My Body
02Fly Away
02He Thinks I Still Care
02Head Above The Waves
02He's a Regular
02I Wonder
02Inman Square
02Lose Again
02oh uranania
02Put The Shoe On The Other Foot
02Road To Lasting Love
02Say You'll Be Mine
02Sea of Dreams
02Think Of Me
02This Sad Song
02Welcome Home
02When Love Calls
02You Don't Love Me
02Zoe Jane
03A Tribute To Peader O'Donnell
03Am I High
03Angel Of Music
03Around And Around
03Be Free
03Do You Mind
03Gone, Gone, Gone
03Hey You
03house of blues
03I Love How You Love Me
03Land of Forever
03Light's Are On But Nobody's Home
03Practice Life With Martina McBride
03Secret Lovers
03Son Of A Rotten Gambler
03still you linger on
03Texas Barbeque
03The Boy Who Wouldn't Hoe Corn
03The Thrill Is Gone ft. Eric Clapton
03Whatever It Takes
03Young Love
04A Dollar Short And A Day Late
04Back Where It All Begins
04Evil Wind
04Fill Me Up
04Forget About It
04Growling Old Man &
04House Of Love
04I Don't Even Know Your Name
04If You Love Me Like You Say
04Let Me Touch You For A While
04Looking For Love (live)
04Need Your Love So Bad ft. Sheryl Crow
04never let her slip away
04No Good At All
04Play A Simple Song
04Psalms of Aftermath__error_part_20
04Realms of Splendor
04The Farm
04The Mirror (Angel Of Music)
04Touch a Four Leaf Clover
04Walk Right Back
05 Feelin' So Good (SKOOBYDOO)
05-_Ladies...Gents!_The Coney Island Waltz (Reprise)
05always for you
05Away Down The River
05Custom Made
05Dance In The Smoke
05Gypsy Belle
05In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed
05Isn't It Time
05Lucky Me
05Lucky One
05Lucky One
05Modern Man Blues
05My Baby Thinks She's A Train
05Same Old Thing
05Silver Shadow [Specially Remixied Version]
05Sweet Tuesday Morning
05Thank You For The Feelin
05The Calling
05The Phantom Of The Opera
05The Power
05Turn The Page
06A Hundred Miles Of Bad Road
06Baby Please
06Blessed Are The Believers
06Crossing the Track
06Dance with a Princess
06Four Wheels
06Ghost In This House
06Give Me Your Love
06Hummingbird ft. John Mayer
06Let's Go Get Stoned
06Lonely Hard Road
06Love Crazy
06Oh How The Years Go By
06Ragtime Annie
06slip away
06thanks you for being a friend
06The Girl Can't Help It
06The Music Of The Night
06The Same Thing
06Travelin' South
07All Over Again ft. Mark Knopfler
07Big Yellow Taxi
07Blue Collar
07Down on the Phillips Escalator
07faces without
07Feast of Immortals
07Goodbye Is All We Have
07How Cool Is That
07It's All I can Do
07looking for my love
07No One Left To Run With
07Oh Atlanta
07One Lover at a Time
07Prima Donna
07Silver Dreams
07Sing For The Song
07Spring Thaw
07Tell Everybody
07The Feeling's Inside
07When Love Goes Wrong
07You're Just A Country Boy
08Aaron Talking
08All I Ask Of You (Reprise)
08Another Sleepless Night
08Cool Calm Collected
08Drivin' Wheel ft. Glenn Frey
08Falling through time
08Four Wheel Drive
08Helping Hand
08How Can You Face M
08I Can Love You
08i've been hurt
08I've Learned
08Just Hang On
08Oh Atlanta (Encore)
08Put The Shoe On The Other Foot
08She Said Yeah
08Simple Love
08Somebody Stole His Body
08The Lovely Lady
09Every Time I Think Of You
09For You
09Heavenly Cities
09Hey Baby
09I Just Wanna Rock & Roll
09I'll Remember You Love In My Prayers
09i'm on my way
09Let's Face Up
09Light's Are On But Nobody's Home
09Love Has A Hold On Me
09Loving You
09Night Time
09Rhythm Machine
09Stepping Stone
09There Must Be A Better World Somewhere Gloria Estefan
09Tonight I Wanna Be Your Man
09When You Say Nothing At All
09Wild Spirit
10 Arrival Of The Trio_Are You Ready To Begin__
10,000 ManiacsA Room for Everything
10,000 ManiacsAcross the Fields
10,000 ManiacsAll That Never Happens
10,000 ManiacsBig Star
10,000 ManiacsCandy Everybody Wants
10,000 ManiacsCircle Dream
10,000 ManiacsEden
10,000 ManiacsEven With My Eyes Closed
10,000 ManiacsFew and Far Between
10,000 ManiacsGirl on a Train
10,000 ManiacsGold Rush Brides
10,000 ManiacsGreen Children
10,000 ManiacsHow You've Grown
10,000 ManiacsIf You Intend
10,000 ManiacsI'm Not the Man
10,000 ManiacsJezebel
10,000 ManiacsLove Among the Ruins
10,000 ManiacsMore Than This
10,000 ManiacsNoah's Dove
10,000 ManiacsRainy Day
10,000 ManiacsShining Light
10,000 ManiacsStockton Gala Days
10,000 ManiacsThese Are Days
10,000 ManiacsTolerance
10,000 ManiacsYou Won't Find Me There
10A Living Prayer
10Frosty Morning
10going back to daytona
10Head First
10Honey Hush
10I Can't Handle It Now
10It's Not True
10Like Honey
10Love Me Down
10Our Love
10Sawing On The Strings
10Somebody's Always Saying Goodbye
10Sweetheart Of Beinja Bayou
10Take It Like A Man
10Tangled Up In You
10Waitin' On A Call From Don
10you're free
10cc18 Carat Man Of Means
10cc24 Hours
10cc4% Of Something
10ccAcross the Universe
10ccAction Man In A Motown Suit
10ccArt for Art's Sake
10ccArt for Art's Sake
10ccBaron Samedi
10ccBee In My Bonnet
10ccBrand New Day
10ccBrand New Day
10ccBridge to Your Heart
10ccBullets Medley: Rubber Bullets/Silly Love/Life Is a Minestrone
10ccBus Stop
10ccChannel Swimmer
10CCCharity Begins At Home
10ccClockwork Creep
10ccDean and I
10ccDon't Ask
10CCDon't Break The Promises
10ccDon't Hang Up
10ccDon't Hang Up
10ccDon't Turn Me Away
10ccDreadlock Holiday
10ccDreadlock Holiday
10ccDreadlock Holiday
10ccFeel The Benefit (Parts 1, 2 and 3)
10ccFeel the Benefit
10ccFeel the Benefit
10ccFeel The Love
10CCFill Her Up
10ccFilm Of My Love
10ccFlying Junk
10ccFlying Junk
10ccFood For Thought
10ccFor Your Love
10ccFresh Air From My Mama
10CCGet It While You Can
10ccGismo My Way
10ccGood Morning Judge
10ccGood Morning Judge
10ccGood Morning Judge
10ccGood News
10CCGreen Eyed Monster
10ccGroovy Kind of Love
10CCHead Room
10ccHeadline Hustler
10ccHeart Full of Soul
10ccHoneymoon With B Troop
10ccHot Rock Sun
10CCHow Dare You!
10ccI Bought A Flat Guitar Tutor
10CCI Wanna Rule The World
10CCI'm Mandy Fly Me (Single Edit)
10ccI'm Mandy Fly Me
10CCI'm Mandy Fly Me
10ccI'm Mandy, Fly Me
10ccI'm Not In Love
10ccI'm Not in Love
10ccI'm Not in Love
10ccJohnny Don't Do It
10ccJohnny Don't Do It
10ccLast Night
10CCLazy Ways
10ccLes Nouveaux Riches
10ccLife Is a Minestrone
10ccListen With Your Eyes
10CCLost In Love
10ccLying Here With You
10CCMan With A Mission
10ccMarriage Bureau Rendezvous
10ccMemories (Us Mix)
10ccNeanderthal Man
10ccNo Milk Today
10ccNotell Hotel
10ccNuit a Paris
10ccOh Effendi
10ccOld Wild Men
10ccOne - Two - Five
10ccOverdraft In Overdrive
10ccPeople in Love
10ccPeople In Love
10ccReady to Go Home
10CCRock 'n' Roll Lullaby
10ccRock'n' 'Roll Lullaby
10ccRubber Bullets
10ccSand In My Face
10ccSecond Sitting Forthe Last Supper
10CCShine A Light In The Dark
10ccShips Don't Disappear (Do They
10ccSilly Love
10ccSilly Love
10CCSomething Special
10ccSomewhere In Hollywood
10ccSon of Man
10ccSpeed Kills
10ccTake These Chains
10ccThe Film of My Love
10ccThe Hospital Song
10ccThe Sacro-Iliac
10ccThe Second Sitting for the Last Supper
10CCThe Stars Didn't Show
10ccThe Stars Didn't Show
10ccThe Things We Do For Love
10ccThe Wall Street Shuffle
10ccThe Worst Band In The World
10ccThings We Do for Love
10ccThings We Do for Love
10ccTomorrow's World Today
10ccUnder Your Thumb
10ccWall Street Shuffle
10ccWedding Bells
10CCWelcome To Paradise (7' Edit)
10CCWelcome To Paradise
10ccWelcome to Paradise
10ccWe've Heard It All Before
10ccWe've Heard It All Before
10CCWoman In Love (Dj Edit)
10CCWoman In Love
10ccWorst Band in the World
10ccYou're Coming Home Again
10ccYou've Got A Cold
11A Little Good News
11Ain't Gonna Work T__error
11Brand New Something Going On
11Children Of The World
11Funny How Time Slips Away ft. Bobby Bland
11Gimme Love
11Love Don't Prove I'm Right
11Not Fragile
11Red Stick
11Same Old Thing
11Send for Me
11Whos Shoulder Will You Cry On
11Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again
12Aaron Talking
12Back On My Feet Again
12Come Down Hard
12J.B. Special
12Jacob's Dream
12Just Another Woman In Love
12More, More, More
12The Point Of No Return
12Where's A Train
13 Everythings ArchieTV Version
13Along The Way
13Amazing Grace
13Black Rain
13Down Once More... - Down This Murderer
13If Your Heart Isn't in It
13i'm no angel
13Midnight Rendezvous
13Nobody Loves Me Like You Do
13Someone Like Me
13The Winner
13th Floor ElevatorsBaby Blue
13th Floor ElevatorsBaby Blue
13Th Floor ElevatorsBarnyard Blues
13th Floor ElevatorsBefore You Accuse Me
13th Floor ElevatorsBefore You Accuse Me
13Th Floor ElevatorsBefore You Accuse
13Th Floor ElevatorsDear Dr. Doom
13th Floor ElevatorsDon't Fall Down
13Th Floor ElevatorsDown By the River
13th Floor ElevatorsDust
13th Floor ElevatorsEarthquake
13th Floor ElevatorsEverybody Needs Somebody To Love
13Th Floor ElevatorsEverybody Needs Somebody To Love
13th Floor ElevatorsFire Engine
13th Floor ElevatorsFire Engine
13Th Floor ElevatorsFire Engine
13th Floor ElevatorsI Had To Tell You
13th Floor ElevatorsI'm Gonna Love You Too
13Th Floor ElevatorsI'm Gonna Love You Too
13th Floor ElevatorsI've Got Levitation
13th Floor ElevatorsKingdom of Heaven
13th Floor ElevatorsLevitation
13th Floor ElevatorsLevition
13Th Floor ElevatorsLivin' on
13th Floor ElevatorsMay the Circle Remain Unbroken
13Th Floor ElevatorsMay the Circle Remain Unbroken
13th Floor ElevatorsMercy Mercy (live 5-9-66)
13th Floor ElevatorsMonkey Island
13th Floor ElevatorsMonkey Island
13Th Floor ElevatorsMonkey Island
13Th Floor ElevatorsNever Another
13th Floor ElevatorsNobody To Love
13th Floor ElevatorsPostures (Leave Your Body Behind)
13th Floor ElevatorsReverberation
13Th Floor ElevatorsRoll Over Beethoven
13th Floor ElevatorsRoller Coaster
13th Floor ElevatorsRoller Coaster
13Th Floor ElevatorsRoller Coaster
13Th Floor ElevatorsRose and the Thorn
13Th Floor ElevatorsScarlet and Gold
13th Floor ElevatorsShe Lives (In A Time Of Her Own)
13th Floor ElevatorsSlide Machine
13th Floor ElevatorsSlip Inside this House
13th Floor ElevatorsSlip Inside This House
13th Floor ElevatorsSplash 1
13Th Floor ElevatorsSplash 1
13Th Floor ElevatorsStreet Song
13th Floor ElevatorsThe Word
13Th Floor ElevatorsThe Word
13Th Floor ElevatorsTil Then
13th Floor ElevatorsTried To Hide
13th Floor ElevatorsTried to Hide
13Th Floor ElevatorsWith you
13th Floor ElevatorsYou Don't Know - 13th Floor Elevator
13th Floor ElevatorsYou Don't Know - 13th Floor Elevator
13th Floor ElevatorsYou Don't Know - 13th Floor Elevator
13th Floor ElevatorsYou Don't Know - 13th Floor Elevator
13th Floor ElevatorsYou Don't Know - 13th Floor Elevator
13th Floor ElevatorsYou Don't Know - 13th Floor Elevator
13Th Floor ElevatorsYou Don't Know (How Young You Are)
13th Floor ElevatorsYou Don't Know
13th Floor ElevatorsYou Really Got Me (live 3-25-66)
13Th Floor ElevatorsYou Really Got Me
13th Floor ElevatorsYou're Gonna Miss Me
14Comfortably Numb
14Sail Away
14Stand Up
14stateboro blues
14Time Don't Run Out On Me
15(Let's) Rock And Roll
15Everything Changes
15I Don't Think I'm Ready for You
15The Dreamer
15Turn And Walk Away
16Excess Baggage
16Sweet 17
16Three Time Loser
17Because I Love You
17Gonna Be Somebody
18My First Love
18Rock 'N' Roll Contract
18So Far Away
19Hold On
1910 Fruit Gum CompanyAudioTrack 03
1910 Fruit Gum CompanyAudioTrack 04
1910 Fruit Gum CompanyAudioTrack 05
1910 Fruit Gum CompanyAudioTrack 06
1910 Fruit Gum CompanyAudioTrack 07
1910 Fruit Gum CompanyAudioTrack 08
1910 Fruit Gum CompanyAudioTrack 10
1910 Fruit Gum CompanyAudioTrack 11
1910 Fruit Gum CompanyAudioTrack 13
1910 Fruit Gum CompanyAudioTrack 16
1910 Fruitgum CompanyBaby Bret
1910 Fruitgum CompanyBubble Gum World
1910 Fruitgum CompanyCandy Kisses
1910 Fruitgum CompanyGoody Goody Gumdrops
1910 Fruitgum CompanyIndian Giver
1910 Fruitgum CompanyMay I Take A Giant Step
1910 Fruitgum CompanyMighty Quinn
1910 Fruitgum CompanyNo Good Annie
1910 Fruitgum CompanyOne, Two, Three Red Light
1910 Fruitgum CompanyPoor Old Mr. Jensen
1910 Fruitgum CompanyPop Goes The Weasel
1910 Fruitgum CompanyReflections From The Looking Glass
1910 Fruitgum CompanySimon Says
1910 Fruitgum CompanySpecial Delivery
1910 Fruitgum CompanySticky, Sticky
1910 Fruitgum CompanyThe Train
1910 Fruitgum CompanyWhen We Get Married
20I've Seen A New Day
2002A Year and A Day
2002Athens Memories
2002Elysian Fields
2002First Daughter of the Moon
2002Heart of the Nile
2002Heaven and Earth
2002Lady Of The Moon
2002Lovers` Bridge
2002Oceans of Life
2002Once in Ancient Greece
2002Rays of Light
2002River of Stars
2002Stella Maris
2002Tanabata Moon
2002Temple of Apollo
2002The Dreaming Tree
2002The Ocean Dreams
2002The River‚Äės Journey
2002The Sands of Crete
2002The Sea at Night
2002The Sound of Still Water
2002The Tower of Minos
2002Valley of Healing Waters
2002Well Of Wisdom
21I Won't Forget You
24 Inside OutUpside Down
30 Seconds to MarsA Beautiful Lie
30 Seconds to MarsA Modern Myth
30 Seconds to MarsAttack
30 Seconds to MarsFrom Yesterday
30 Seconds to MarsR-Evolve
30 Seconds to MarsSavior
30 Seconds to MarsThe Fantasy
30 Seconds to MarsThe Kill
30 Seconds to MarsThe Story
30 Seconds to MarsWas It a Dream?
31st Of FebruaryGod Rest His Soul
31st Of FebruaryGod Rest His Soul
31st Of FebruaryMorning Dew
31st Of FebruaryMorning Dew
38 SpecialAfter The Fire Is Gone
38 SpecialAgainst the Night
38 SpecialBack Alley Sally
38 SpecialBack Door Stranger
38 SpecialBack on the Track
38 SpecialBack On The Track
38 SpecialBack To Paradise
38 SpecialBack Where You Belong
38 SpecialBack Where You Belong
38 SpecialBack Where You Belong
38 SpecialBad Looks Good on You
38 SpecialBreakin' Loose
38 SpecialBring It On
38 SpecialBurning Bridges
38 SpecialCan't Keep A Good Man Down
38 SpecialCan't Keep A Good Man Down
38 SpecialCan't Shake It
38 SpecialCaught Up In You
38 SpecialCaught Up In You
38 SpecialCaught Up In You
38 SpecialChain Lightin'
38 SpecialChain Lightnin'
38 SpecialChain Lightnin'
38 SpecialChanged By Love
38 SpecialDéjà Voodoo
38 SpecialDeja Voodoo
38 SpecialDon't Wanna Get It Dirty
38 SpecialFade To Blue
38 SpecialFade To Blue
38 SpecialFantasy Girl
38 SpecialFantasy Girl
38 SpecialFantasy Girl
38 SpecialFind My Way Back
38 SpecialFirestarter
38 SpecialFirst Time Around
38 SpecialHaleys Got A Harley
38 SpecialHas There Ever Been a Good Goodbye
38 SpecialHearts on Fire
38 SpecialHiding from Yourself
38 SpecialHittin' And Runnin'
38 SpecialHittin' And Runnin'
38 SpecialHold On Loosely
38 SpecialHold On Loosely
38 SpecialHold On Loosely
38 SpecialHomeless Guitar
38 SpecialHonky Tonk Dancer
38 SpecialHurts Like Love
38 SpecialI Been A Mover
38 SpecialI Been A Mover
38 SpecialI Been A Mover
38 SpecialI Oughta Let Go
38 SpecialIf I'd Been The One
38 SpecialIf I'd Been The One
38 SpecialIf I'd Been The One
38 SpecialI'm A Fool For You
38 SpecialI'm A Fool For You
38 SpecialJam on
38 SpecialJimmy Gillum
38 SpecialJust a Little Love
38 SpecialJust One Girl
38 SpecialJust One Girl
38 SpecialLast Thing I Ever Do
38 SpecialLast Thing I Ever Do
38 SpecialLast Time
38 SpecialLike No Other Night
38 SpecialLong Distance Affair
38 SpecialLong Time Gone
38 SpecialMake Some Sense of it
38 SpecialMiracle Man
38 SpecialMoney Honey
38 SpecialNever Give an Inch
38 SpecialOnce in a Lifetime
38 SpecialOne in a Million
38 SpecialOne Of The Lonely Ones
38 SpecialOne Time For Old Times
38 SpecialQuick Fix
38 SpecialRebel To Rebel
38 SpecialRebel To Rebel
38 SpecialRobin Hood
38 SpecialRock & Roll Strategy
38 SpecialRockin' Into The Night
38 SpecialRockin' Into The Night
38 SpecialRockin' Into The Night
38 SpecialRough-Housin'
38 SpecialRough-Housin'
38 SpecialRough-Housin'
38 SpecialSaving Grace
38 SpecialSecond Chance
38 SpecialSee Me In Your Eyes
38 SpecialShatter The Silence
38 SpecialShe Loves To Talk
38 SpecialShelter Me
38 SpecialSherriffs County Line
38 SpecialSigns Of Love
38 SpecialSomebody Like You
38 SpecialSomething I Need
38 SpecialStone Cold Believer
38 SpecialStone Cold Believer
38 SpecialTake 'Em Out (Live)
38 SpecialTake 'em Out
38 SpecialTake 'em Out
38 SpecialTake 'em Out
38 SpecialTake Me Back
38 SpecialTake Me Through the Night
38 SpecialTeacher, Teacher
38 SpecialTear It Up
38 SpecialThe Play
38 SpecialThe Sound Of Your Voice
38 SpecialThe Squeeze
38 SpecialThrow Out The Line
38 SpecialTravelin' Man
38 SpecialTreasure
38 SpecialTrooper with an Attitude
38 SpecialTrouble
38 SpecialTurn It On
38 SpecialTwentieth Century Fox
38 SpecialTwentieth Century Fox
38 SpecialTwentieth Century Fox
38 SpecialUndercover Lover
38 SpecialUndercover Lover
38 SpecialWhat Can I Do
38 SpecialWild-Eyed Southern Boys
38 SpecialWild-Eyed Southern Boys
38 SpecialWild-Eyed Southern Boys
38 SpecialYou Be The Dam, I'll Be The Water
38 SpecialYou Definitely Got Me
38 SpecialYou Got The Deal
38 SpecialYou Keep Runnin' Away
38 SpecialYou're The Captain
5iveEverybody Get Up
5iveGot the Feelin'
5iveIt's All Over
5iveIt's the Thing You Do
5iveMy Song
5ivePartyline 555-On-Line
5iveSlam Dunk (Da Funk)
5iveThat's What You Told Me
5iveUntil the Time Is Through
5iveWhen I Remember When
5iveWhen the Lights Go Out
8 SpecialRebel To Rebel
84 StepsBubblebath
98 DegreeBecause of You
98 DegreeGive Me Just One Night(UNA Noche)
98 DegreeI Do(Cherish You)
98 DegreeInvisible Man
98 DegreeMy Everything
98 DegreeNever Let Go
98 DegreeThank God I Found You(Mariah Carey &Joe)
98 DegreeThe Hardest Thing
98 DegreeThe Way You Want Me To
98 DegreeThis Gift
98 DegreeTrue To Your Heart(Featuring Stevie Wonder)
98 DegreeWas It Something Didn't Say
98 DegreeWhy(Are We Still Friends)
Agnetha FšltskogCan't Shake Loose
Agnetha FšltskogEyes Of A Woman
Agnetha FšltskogFly Like The Eagle
Agnetha FšltskogI Wasn't The One (Who Said Go
Agnetha FšltskogI Won't Let You Go
Agnetha FšltskogIt's So Nice To Be Rich
Agnetha FšltskogLet It Shine
Agnetha FšltskogNever Again
Agnetha FšltskogOne Way Love
Agnetha FšltskogSlipping Through My Fingers
Agnetha FšltskogThat's Me
Agnetha FšltskogThe Heat Is On
Agnetha FšltskogThe Last Time
Agnetha FšltskogThe Queen Of Hearts
Agnetha FšltskogThe Way You Are
Agnetha FšltskogThe Winner Takes It All
Agnetha FšltskogTurn The World Around
Agnetha FšltskogWrap Your Arms Around Me
Agnetha FšltskogYou're There

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