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Requests made during voice tracked shows, live programming, recorded shows or replays, or during Specialty hour blocks will be played when those events have ended. This is because those playlists can not be modified to accommodate requests.

If you canít find something that you are looking for, or if you feel that something should be included in our library but is not, please email

If you have any problems or questions please email or post to the radio list.

Happy listening and requesting!

MCBVI Radio Requests Requests

MCBVI Radio Requests

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R. Dean TaylorAin't It A Sad Thing
R. Dean TaylorBack Street
R. Dean TaylorCandy Apple Red
R. Dean TaylorDon't Fool Around
R. Dean TaylorFire & Rain
R. Dean TaylorGonna Give Her All The Love I Got
R. Dean TaylorGotta See Jane
R. Dean TaylorIndiana Wants Me
R. Dean TaylorJust Like In The Movies
R. Dean TaylorLet's Go Somewhere
R. Dean TaylorLoves Your Name
R. Dean TaylorMy Lady Bug Stay Away From That Beatle
R. Dean TaylorPoor Girl
R. Dean TaylorShadow
R. Dean TaylorSunday Morning Coming Down
R. Dean TaylorTaos New Mexico
R. Dean TaylorThere's A Ghost In My House
R. Dean TaylorTwo Of Us
R. Dean TaylorWoman Alive
R.E.M.(Don't Go Back To) Rockville [edit]
R.E.M.(Don't Go Back To) Rockville
R.E.M.(Don't Go Back To) Rockville
R.E.M.(Don't Go Back To) Rockville
R.E.M.(Don't Go Back To) Rockville
R.E.M.01 - Wolves, Lower
R.E.M.02 - Gardening At Night
R.E.M.03 - Carnival Of Sorts (Box Cars)
R.E.M.04 - 1,000,000
R.E.M.05 - Stumble
R.E.M.7 Chinese Bros
R.E.M.9-9 (Live 20Apr84)
R.E.M.Ages of You
R.E.M.All the Right Friends
R.E.M.All the Right Friends
R.E.M.All the Way to Reno (You're Gonna Be a Star)
R.E.M.All The Way To Reno (You're Gonna Be A Star)
R.E.M.Around The Sun
R.E.M.Around The Sun
R.E.M.At My Most Beautiful
R.E.M.At My Most Beautiful
R.E.M.Auctioneer (Another Engine)
R.E.M.Auctioneer (Another Engine)
R.E.M.Auctioneer (Another Engine)
R.E.M.Bad Day
R.E.M.Bang And Blame
R.E.M.Bang And Blame
R.E.M.Be mine
R.E.M.Be Mine
R.E.M.Be Mine
R.E.M.Beat A Drum (Dalkey Demo)
R.E.M.Beat A Drum
R.E.M.Begin The Begin
R.E.M.Binky the doormat
R.E.M.Binky The Doormat
R.E.M.Binky The Doormat
R.E.M.Bittersweet me
R.E.M.Bittersweet Me
R.E.M.Bittersweet Me
R.E.M.Boy in The Well
R.E.M.Boy In The Well
R.E.M.Burning Down
R.E.M.Burning Hell
R.E.M.Burning Hell
R.E.M.Burning Hell
R.E.M.Can't Get There From Here
R.E.M.Can't Get There From Here
R.E.M.Can't Get There From Here
R.E.M.Can't Get There From Here
R.E.M.Can't Get There From Here
R.E.M.Can't Get There From Here
R.E.M.Carnival of Sorts (Box Cars)
R.E.M.Carnival Of Sorts
R.E.M.Catapult (Live 27Apr84)
R.E.M.Catapult [live]
R.E.M.Chorus And The Ring
R.E.M.Circus Envy
R.E.M.Circus Envy
R.E.M.Country Feedback
R.E.M.Country Feedback
R.E.M.Crush With Eyeliner
R.E.M.Cursh With Eyelinder
R.E.M.Disturbance At The Heron House (Live)
R.E.M.Disturbance At The Heron House
R.E.M.Dream (All I Have To Do)
R.E.M.Drive 8 (Live)
R.E.M.Driver 8 (live)
R.E.M.Driver 8
R.E.M.Driver 8
R.E.M.Driver 8
R.E.M.Driver 8
R.E.M.E-Bow the Letter
R.E.M.E-bow The Letter
R.E.M.E-Bow The Letter
R.E.M.E-Bow The Letter
R.E.M.Electron Blue
R.E.M.Electron Blue
R.E.M.Everybody Hurts (Live at Glastonbury)
R.E.M.Everybody Hurts
R.E.M.Everybody Hurts
R.E.M.Exhuming McCarthy
R.E.M.Fall On Me
R.E.M.Fall On Me
R.E.M.Fall On Me
R.E.M.Fall On Me
R.E.M.Fall On Me
R.E.M.Falls To Climb
R.E.M.Feeling Gravitys Pull
R.E.M.Feeling Gravity's Pull
R.E.M.Femme Fatale
R.E.M.Final Straw
R.E.M.Final Straw
R.E.M.Find The River
R.E.M.Finest Worksong (Lengthy Club Mix)
R.E.M.Finest Worksong (Mutual Drum Horn Mix)
R.E.M.Finest Worksong (Other Mix)
R.E.M.Finest Worksong [other mix]
R.E.M.Finest Worksong
R.E.M.Finest Worksong
R.E.M.Finest Worksong
R.E.M.Gardening at Night (Acoustic)
R.E.M.Gardening At Night (Different Vocal Mix)
R.E.M.Gardening at Night (Live 20Apr84)
R.E.M.Gardening at Night
R.E.M.Gardening At Night
R.E.M.Get Up
R.E.M.Get Up
R.E.M.Good Advices
R.E.M.Good Advices
R.E.M.Good Advices
R.E.M.Green Grow The Rushes
R.E.M.Green Grow The Rushes
R.E.M.Green Grow The Rushes
R.E.M.Green Grow The Rushes
R.E.M.Half A World Away
R.E.M.Half A World Away
R.E.M.High Speed Train
R.E.M.High Speed Train
R.E.M.How The West Was Won And Where It Got Us
R.E.M.How The West Was Won And Where
R.E.M.How The West Was Won And Where
R.E.M.I Believe
R.E.M.I Believe
R.E.M.I Don't Sleep, I Dream
R.E.M.I don't Sleep, I Dream
R.E.M.I Remember California
R.E.M.I Remember California
R.E.M.I Took Your Name
R.E.M.I Took Your Name
R.E.M.I Wanted to be Wrong
R.E.M.I Wanted To Be Wrong
R.E.M.I'll Take The Rain
R.E.M.Imitation Of Life (Album Version)
R.E.M.Imitation of Life
R.E.M.Imitation Of Life
R.E.M.Its The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) [edit]
R.E.M.Its the End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)
R.E.M.It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)
R.E.M.It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)
R.E.M.Its The End Of The World As We Know It
R.E.M.I've Been High
R.E.M.Just A Touch (live in-studio)
R.E.M.Just A Touch
R.E.M.King Of Birds
R.E.M.King Of Comedy
R.E.M.King Of Comedy
R.E.M.King of the Road
R.E.M.King Of The Road
R.E.M.Last Date
R.E.M.Last Date
R.E.M.Leaving New York
R.E.M.Leaving New York
R.E.M.Let Me In
R.E.M.Let Me In
R.E.M.Letter Never Sent
R.E.M.Life And How To Live It
R.E.M.Life And How To Live It
R.E.M.Life And How To Live It
R.E.M.Lightnin' Hopkins
R.E.M.Little America
R.E.M.Losing My Religion
R.E.M.Losing My Religion
R.E.M.Losing My Religion
R.E.M.Low desert
R.E.M.Low Desert
R.E.M.Low Desert
R.E.M.Make it All Okay
R.E.M.Make It All Okay
R.E.M.Man on the Moon (Live at Glastonbury)
R.E.M.Man On The Moon
R.E.M.Man on the Moon
R.E.M.Maps And Legends (live)
R.E.M.Maps and Legends (Live)
R.E.M.Maps And Legends [live]
R.E.M.Maps And Legends
R.E.M.Maps And Legends
R.E.M.Maps And Legends
R.E.M.Me In Honey
R.E.M.Me In Honey
R.E.M.Monty Got A Raw Deal
R.E.M.Moon River
R.E.M.Moral Kiosk
R.E.M.Near Wild Heaven
R.E.M.Near Wild Heaven
R.E.M.New Orleans Instrumental No. 1
R.E.M.New Test Leper
R.E.M.New Test Leper
R.E.M.New Test Leper
R.E.M.Oddfellows Local 151
R.E.M.Old Man Kensey
R.E.M.Old Man Kensey
R.E.M.Old Man Kensey
R.E.M.Orange Crush
R.E.M.Orange Crush
R.E.M.Orange Crush
R.E.M.Pale Blue Eyes
R.E.M.Perfect Circle
R.E.M.Perfect Circle
R.E.M.Pop Song 89
R.E.M.Pop Song 89
R.E.M.Pretty Persuasion
R.E.M.Pretty Persuasion
R.E.M.Pretty Persuasion
R.E.M.R.E.M. Feat. Q-Tip - The Outsiders
R.E.M.Radio Free Europe (Original Hi-Tone Single)
R.E.M.Radio Free Europe [edit]
R.E.M.Radio Free Europe
R.E.M.Radio Free Europe
R.E.M.Radio Free Europe
R.E.M.Radio Song
R.E.M.Radio Song
R.E.M.Rotary Ten
R.E.M.Rotary Ten
R.E.M.Rotary Ten
R.E.M.Sad Professor
R.E.M.Saturn Return
R.E.M.Second Guessing
R.E.M.Secret Track
R.E.M.Shaking Through
R.E.M.She Just Wants To Be
R.E.M.Shiny Happy People
R.E.M.Shiny Happy People
R.E.M.Sitting Still
R.E.M.So Fast So Numb
R.E.M.So Fast, So Numb
R.E.M.So Fast, So Numb
R.E.M.So. Central Rain
R.E.M.So. CEntral Rain
R.E.M.So. Central Rain
R.E.M.So. Central Rain
R.E.M.So. Central Rain
R.E.M.Star 69
R.E.M.Star 69
R.E.M.Star Me Kitten
R.E.M.Strange Currencies
R.E.M.Strange Currencies
R.E.M.Summer Turns To High
R.E.M.Swan Swan H (acoustic version)
R.E.M.Swan Swan H
R.E.M.Sweetness Follows
R.E.M.Talk About The Passion
R.E.M.Talk about the Passion
R.E.M.Talk About The Passion
R.E.M.Talk About The Passion
R.E.M.The Apologist
R.E.M.The Ascent of Man
R.E.M.The Ascent Of Man
R.E.M.The Flowers Of Guatemala
R.E.M.The Great Beyond
R.E.M.The Great Beyond
R.E.M.The Lifting (Orginal Version)
R.E.M.The Lifting
R.E.M.The One I Love (Live at Glastonbury)
R.E.M.The One I Love (Live)
R.E.M.The One I Love
R.E.M.The One I Love
R.E.M.The One I Love
R.E.M.The One I Love
R.E.M.The One I Love
R.E.M.The Outsiders
R.E.M.The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite
R.E.M.The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite
R.E.M.The wake-up bomb
R.E.M.The Wake-Up Bomb
R.E.M.The Wake-up Bomb
R.E.M.The Worst Joke Ever
R.E.M.The Worst Joke Ever
R.E.M.The Wrong Child
R.E.M.The Wrong Child
R.E.M.There She Goes Again
R.E.M.There She Goes Again
R.E.M.There She Goes Again
R.E.M.These Days
R.E.M.Tighten Up
R.E.M.Time After Time (Ann-Elise)
R.E.M.Time After Time Etc. (Live)
R.E.M.Time After Time Etc. [live]
R.E.M.Tired Of Singing Trouble
R.E.M.Toys in the Attic
R.E.M.Toys In The Attic
R.E.M.Try Not To Breathe
R.E.M.Turn You Inside Out
R.E.M.Turn You Inside-Out
R.E.M.Underneath The Bunker
R.E.M.Voice of Harold
R.E.M.Walk Unafraid
R.E.M.Walters Theme
R.E.M.We Walk
R.E.M.Welcome To The Occupation
R.E.M.Wendell Gee
R.E.M.Wendell Gee
R.E.M.Wendell Gee
R.E.M.Wendell Gee
R.E.M.West of the Fields
R.E.M.What If We Give It Away
R.E.M.What's The Frequency Kenneth
R.E.M.What's the Frequency, Kenneth?
R.E.M.What's The Frequency, Kenneth?
R.E.M.White Tornado (Live in studio)
R.E.M.White Tornado
R.E.M.White Tornado
R.E.M.Why Not Smile
R.E.M.Wind Out (With friends)
R.E.M.Wolves, Lower
R.E.M.World Leader Pretend
R.E.M.World Leader Pretend
R.E.M.You Are The Everything
R.E.M.You Are The Everything
R.E.M.You're In The Air
Rachel BuchmanA Sukkah! A Sukkah!
Rachel BuchmanAl Take!
Rachel BuchmanChad Gadya
Rachel BuchmanDegel Tov
Rachel BuchmanDrey Zich, Dreydele
Rachel BuchmanEliahu Hanavi
Rachel BuchmanEsh, Esh
Rachel BuchmanGreat Big Stars
Rachel BuchmanHop! Mayne Homentashen
Rachel BuchmanI can Bake a Honey Cake
Rachel BuchmanI Have Pajamas
Rachel BuchmanLet's Be Friends
Rachel BuchmanLittle Torah
Rachel BuchmanMake a Matzah
Rachel BuchmanMichalke
Rachel BuchmanMy Candles
Rachel BuchmanRash Ra'ashan!
Rachel BuchmanShalom, Shalom
Rachel BuchmanShalom, Shalom
Rachel BuchmanSimi Yadeych B'Yadi
Rachel BuchmanSpring Parade
Rachel BuchmanTapuchim Udvash
Rachel BuchmanTu-Tu-Tu-Tu
Rachel BuchmanWhere is Baby Moses?
Rachel LampaAlways Be My Home
Rachel LampaBlessed
Rachel LampaDay of Freedom
Rachel LampaFree
Rachel LampaGod Loves You
Rachel LampaHide Me
Rachel LampaLive For You
Rachel LampaMy Father's Heart
Rachel LampaSecret Place
Rachel LampaShaken
Rachel LampaYou Lift Me Up
Rachel ProctorDays Like This
Rachel ProctorMe And Emily
Radio Shack02 Honey Bee (Please Answer Me)
Radio Shack03 Come On, Come On CB Baby
Radio Shack04 Everybody's Somebody
Radio Shack05 Hey Good Buddy
Radio Shack06 The Handles Hall Of Fame
Radio Shack07 Listenin' CB Blues
Radio Shack08 Ain't Ever Gonna Be Lonely Again
Radio Shack09 LJ's CB Radio
Radio Shack10 The Night I Talked To The Lord
Radiohead(Nice Dream)
RadioheadA Punchup at a Wedding
RadioheadA Punch-Up at a Wedding
RadioheadA Wolf at the Door
RadioheadAmnesiac/Morning bell
RadioheadAnyone Can Play Guitar
RadioheadAnyone Can Play Guitar
RadioheadAnyone Can Play Guitar
RadioheadBlack Star
RadioHeadBlack Star
RadioHeadBlack Star
RadioheadBlow Out
RadioheadBlow Out
RadioheadBlow Out
RadioHeadBullet Proof I Wish I Was
RadioHeadBullet Proof I Wish I Was
RadioheadBullet Proof...I Wish I Was
RadioheadClimbing Up The Walls
RadioHeadClimbing Up The Walls
RadioHeadCreep (Acoustic)
RadioHeadCreep (Acoustic)
RadioheadDollars & Cents
RadioheadDollars & Cents
RadioheadEverything In Its Right Place
RadioHeadEverything In It's Right Place
RadioheadExit Music (For A Film)
RadioHeadExit Music (For A Film)
RadioheadFake Plastic Trees
RadioHeadFake Plastic Trees
RadioHeadFake Plastic Trees
RadioheadFitter Happier
RadioHeadFitter Happier
RadioheadGo to Sleep
RadioheadGo To Sleep
RadioheadHigh And Dry
RadioHeadHigh And Dry
RadioHeadHigh And Dry
RadioHeadHow Do You Do
RadioHeadHow Do You Do
RadioheadHow Do You?
RadioheadHow To Disappear Completely
RadioHeadHow To Disappear Completely
RadioheadHunting Bears
RadioheadHunting Bears
RadioheadI Cant
RadioheadI Can't
RadioheadI Cant
RadioheadI Might Be Wrong
RadioheadI Might Be Wrong
RadioheadI Will
RadioheadI Will
RadioheadIn Limbo
RadioHeadIn Limbo
RadioheadJust (You Do It To Yourself)
RadioheadKarma Police
RadioHeadKarma Police
RadioheadKid A
RadioHeadKid A
RadioheadKnives Out
RadioheadKnives Out
RadioheadLet Down
RadioHeadLet Down
RadioHeadLewis (Mistreated)
RadioHeadLewis (Mistreated)
RadioheadLife In A Glass House
RadioheadLife In A Glass House
RadioheadLike Spinning Plates
RadioHeadLozenge Of Love
RadioHeadLozenge Of Love
RadioheadMorning Bell/Amnesiac
RadioheadMorning Bell
RadioHeadMorning Bell
RadioheadMotion Picture Soundtrack
RadioHeadMotion Picture Soundtrack
RadioheadMy Iron Lung (live)
RadioheadMy Iron Lung (live)
RadioheadMy Iron Lung
RadioHeadMy Iron Lung
RadioHeadMy Iron Lung
RadioHeadNice Dream
RadioHeadNice Dream
RadioHeadNo Suprises
RadioheadNo Surprises
RadioheadPackt Like Sardines In A Crush
RadioheadPackt Like Sardines In A Crushd Tin Box
RadioheadParanoid Android
RadioHeadParanoid Android
RadioHeadPermanent Daylight
RadioHeadPermanent Daylight
RadioheadPlanet Telex
RadioHeadPlanet Telex
RadioHeadPlanet Telex
RadioheadProve Yourself
RadioheadProve Yourself
RadioheadProve Yourself
RadioheadPulk/Pull Revolving Doors
RadioheadPulk/Pull Revolving Doors
RadioheadPyramid Song
RadioheadPyramid Song
RadioheadSail to the Moon
RadioheadSail To The Moon
RadioheadSit Down. Stand Up.
RadioheadSit Down. Stand Up.
RadioheadStop Whispering
RadioheadStop Whispering
RadioheadStop Whispering
RadioheadStreet Spirit (Fade Out)
RadioHeadStreet Spirit (fade out)
RadioHeadStreet Spirit (fade out)
RadioHeadSubterranean Home
RadioheadSubterranean Homesick Alien
RadioheadSuck Young Blood
RadioheadThe Bends
RadioHeadThe Bends
RadioHeadThe Bends
RadioheadThe Gloaming
RadioheadThe Gloaming
RadioheadThe National Anthem
RadioHeadThe National Anthem
RadioheadThe Tourist
RadioHeadThe Tourist
RadioHeadThe Trickster
RadioHeadThe Trickster
RadioheadThere There
RadioheadThere There
RadioheadThinking About You
RadioheadThinking About You
RadioheadThinking About You
RadioheadWe Suck Young Blood
RadioheadWhere I End and You Begin
RadioheadWhere I End And You Begin
RadioheadWolf at the Door
RadioheadYou And Whose Army?
RadioheadYou and Whose Army?
RadioHeadYou Never Wash Up After You
RadioHeadYou Never Wash Up After You
Radney FosterA Fine Line
Radney FosterBroke Down
Radney FosterClosing Time
Radney FosterDon't Say Goodbye
Radney FosterEasier Said Than Done
Radney FosterEverybody Gets the Blues
Radney FosterHammer & Nails
Radney FosterIf It Were Me
Radney FosterJesse's Soul
Radney FosterJust Call Me Lonesome
Radney FosterLabor of Love
Radney FosterLast Chance for Love
Radney FosterLouisiana Blue
Radney FosterMaking It up as I Go
Radney FosterMy Whole Wide World
Radney FosterNever Say Die
Radney FosterNobody Wins
Radney FosterOld Silver
Radney FosterPrecious Pearl
Radney FosterWalkin' Talkin' Woman
Radney FosterWent For a Ride
Radney FosterWillin' to Walk
RaelynnBoyfriend 320 S (2.28)
Rainbow16th Century Greensleeves
RainbowBlack Sheep of the Family
RainbowBring On The Night (Dream Chaser)
RainbowCatch The Rainbow
RainbowCatch The Rainbow
RainbowCatch the Rainbow
RainbowCatch the Rainbow
RainbowDeath Alley Driver
RainbowDo You Close Your Eyes
RainbowDo You Close Your Eyes
RainbowEyes Of Fire
RainbowI Surrender
RainbowIf You Don't Like Rock & Roll
RainbowIntro - Kill The King
RainbowKill The King
RainbowKill the King
RainbowLight In The Black
RainbowMan On The Silver Mountain
RainbowMan On The Silver Mountain
RainbowMan On The Silver Mountain
RainbowMan on the Silver Mountain
RainbowMISS Mistreated
RainbowRainbow Eyes
RainbowRock Fever
RainbowRun With The Wolf
RainbowSelf Portrait
RainbowSince You Been Gone
RainbowSixteenth Century Greensleeves
RainbowSixteenth Century Greensleeves
RainbowSnake Charmer
RainbowStill I'm Sad
RainbowStill I'm Sad
RainbowStill I'm Sad
RainbowStone Cold
RainbowStone Cold
RainbowStreet of Dreams
RainbowTarot Woman
RainbowTearin' Out My Heart
RainbowTemple Of The King
RainbowTite Squeeze
Ralph EmeryHello Fool
Ralph McTellAffairs of the Heart
Ralph McTellAll Things Change
Ralph McTellBlind Blake's Rag
Ralph McTellBlues In More Than 12 Bars
Ralph McTellBright & Beautiful Things
Ralph McTellClown
Ralph McTellDaddy's Here
Ralph McTellEight Frames A Second
Ralph McTellEngland 1914
Ralph McTellFactory Girl (version 1)
Ralph McTellFactory Girl (version 2)
Ralph McTellFactory Girl
Ralph McTellFairground
Ralph McTellFather Forgive Them (version 1)
Ralph McTellFather Forgive Them (version 2)
Ralph McTellFingerbuster
Ralph McTellFirst and Last Man
Ralph McTellFrom Clare to Here
Ralph McTellGirl On A Bicycle
Ralph McTellGranny Takes A Trip
Ralph McTellGreat Dreams of Heaven
Ralph McTellGypsy
Ralph McTellHesitation Blues
Ralph McTellI'm Sorry
Ralph McTellI've Thought About It
Ralph McTellKew Gardens
Ralph McTellLast Train & Ride
Ralph McTellLouise
Ralph McTellLovin' I Crave
Ralph McTellMermaid and the Seagull
Ralph McTellMichael In The Garden (version 1)
Ralph McTellMichael In The Garden (version 2)
Ralph McTellMorning Dew
Ralph McTellMrs Adlam's Angels
Ralph McTellMrs. Adlam's Angels
Ralph McTellNanna's Song
Ralph McTellNear Enough
Ralph McTellOld Brown Dog
Ralph McTellProposal
Ralph McTellRed and Gold
Ralph McTellResponse
Ralph McTellRizraklaru (Anag)
Ralph McTellSilver Branch & Weeping Willow
Ralph McTellSleepytime Blues
Ralph McTellSlipShod Tap Room Dance
Ralph McTellSpiral Staircase
Ralph McTellStreets Of London
Ralph McTellSummer Came Along
Ralph McTellSummer Girls
Ralph McTellTerminus
Ralph McTellThe Girl from the Hiring Fair
Ralph McTellThe Mermaid & The Seagull
Ralph McTellThe Setting
Ralph McTellThe Wino & the Mouse
Ralph McTellToo Tight Drag
Ralph McTellTrack01
Ralph McTellWait Until The Snow
Ralph McTellWhen Did You Leave Heaven
Ralph McTellWilloughby's Farm
Ralph Sharon Trio / Tony Bennett / k.d. langMoonglow
Ralph Sharon Trio / Tony BennettA Foggy Day
Ralph Sharon Trio / Tony BennettAll of You
Ralph Sharon Trio / Tony BennettAutumn Leaves/Indian Summer
Ralph Sharon Trio / Tony BennettBody and Soul
Ralph Sharon Trio / Tony BennettFly Me to the Moon
Ralph Sharon Trio / Tony BennettI Left My Heart in San Francisco
Ralph Sharon Trio / Tony BennettI Love a Piano
Ralph Sharon Trio / Tony BennettIt Amazes Me
Ralph Sharon Trio / Tony BennettIt Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing)
Ralph Sharon Trio / Tony BennettIt Had to Be You
Ralph Sharon Trio / Tony BennettOld Devil Moon
Ralph Sharon Trio / Tony BennettRags to Riches
Ralph Sharon Trio / Tony BennettSpeak Out
Ralph Sharon Trio / Tony BennettSteppin' Out With My Baby
Ralph Sharon Trio / Tony BennettThe Girl I Love (A/K/A the Man I Love)
Ralph Sharon Trio / Tony BennettThe Good Life/I Wanna Be Around
Ralph Sharon Trio / Tony BennettWhen Joanna Loved Me
Ralph Sharon Trio / Tony BennettYou're All the World to Me
Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain BoysA Robin Built A Nest On Daddy's Grave
Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain BoysAngel Band
Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain BoysFolsom Prison Blues
Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain BoysHemlocks And Primroses
Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain BoysHow Mountain Girls Can Love - I Hear A Choo Choo
Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain BoysImpersonation Part I
Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain BoysImpersonation Part Ii
Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain BoysIntroduction
Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain BoysIt's Your Turn Now
Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain BoysJohn Henry
Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain BoysKaty Daley - Mountain Dew
Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain BoysLittle Maggie
Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain BoysMan Of Constant Sorrow
Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain BoysMartha White Theme
Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain BoysO Death
Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain BoysOrange Blossom Special
Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain BoysPretty Girls, City Light
Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain BoysPretty Polly
Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain BoysRank Strangers
Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain BoysRawhide
Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain BoysRocky Island
Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain BoysRuby, Don't Take Your Love To Town
Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain BoysSittin' On Top Of The World
Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain BoysStage Banter
Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain BoysStage Banter
Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain BoysStage Banter
Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain BoysStage Banter
Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain BoysStage Banter
Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain BoysThe Cacklin' Hen
Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain BoysThe Girl From The Green Briar Shore
Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain BoysUnknown Title
Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain BoysUnknown Title
Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain BoysUnknown Title
Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain BoysWhite Dove
Ralph Stanley01 Wreck On The Highway
Ralph Stanley02 Troublesome Water
Ralph Stanley03 God Who Never Fails
Ralph Stanley04 On Heaven's Bright Shore
Ralph Stanley05 Dip Your Fingers In Some Water
Ralph Stanley06 Snow Covered Mound
Ralph Stanley07 Keys To The Kingdom
Ralph Stanley08 Will They Miss Me
Ralph Stanley09 Go Down Moses
Ralph Stanley10 Guide Me Through Great Jehova
Ralph Stanley11 Tarry With Me Oh My Savior
Ralph Stanley12 Harbor Of Love
Ralph StanleyA Robin Built A Nest On Daddy's Grave
Ralph StanleyAngel Band
Ralph StanleyAngelina The Baker
Ralph StanleyClawhammer Medley
Ralph StanleyDaddy's Wildwood Flower
Ralph StanleyGirl From The Greenbriar Shore
Ralph StanleyIntro
Ralph StanleyLet Me Love You One More Time
Ralph StanleyLift Him Up, That's All
Ralph StanleyLittle Maggie
Ralph StanleyLong Black Veil
Ralph StanleyMan Of Constant Sorrow
Ralph StanleyO Death
Ralph StanleyOh Death
Ralph StanleyPretty Polly
Ralph StanleyRank Stanger
Ralph StanleyWorried Man Blues
Ralph TresvantMoney Can't Buy You Love
Ralph TresvantStone Cold Gentleman
Ram Jam404
Ram JamAll for the Love of Rock N' Roll
Ram JamBlack Betty
Ram JamHey Boogie Woman
Ram JamHigh Steppin'
Ram JamI Should Have Known
Ram JamKeep Your Hands on the Wheel
Ram JamLet It All Out
Ram JamOverloaded
Ram JamRight on the Money
Ram JamToo Bad on Your Birthday
Ramblin' Jack Elliott1913 Massacre
Ramblin' Jack Elliott912 Greens
Ramblin' Jack ElliottAcres of Clams
Ramblin' Jack ElliottBig Rock Candy Mountain
Ramblin' Jack ElliottBlack Girl [aka In the Pines]
Ramblin' Jack ElliottBlue Eyes Crying in the Rain
Ramblin' Jack ElliottBuffalo Skinners
Ramblin' Jack ElliottChisolm Trail
Ramblin' Jack ElliottCrawdad Song
Ramblin' Jack ElliottCup of Coffee
Ramblin' Jack ElliottDetour
Ramblin' Jack ElliottDon't Think Twice, It's All Right
Ramblin' Jack ElliottFreight Train Blues
Ramblin' Jack ElliottFreight Train
Ramblin' Jack ElliottHard Travelin'
Ramblin' Jack ElliottI Threw It All Away
Ramblin' Jack ElliottIntro
Ramblin' Jack ElliottJack of Diamonds
Ramblin' Jack ElliottMean Mama Blues
Ramblin' Jack ElliottNight Herding Song
Ramblin' Jack ElliottOld Rattler
Ramblin' Jack ElliottPretty Boy Floyd
Ramblin' Jack ElliottRidin' Down the Canyon
Ramblin' Jack ElliottRocky Mountain Belle
Ramblin' Jack ElliottRoving Gambler
Ramblin' Jack ElliottRusty Jiggs & Sandy Sam
Ramblin' Jack ElliottSoldier's Last Letter
Ramblin' Jack ElliottStreets of Laredo
Ramblin' Jack ElliottTalkin' Fishin'
Ramblin' Jack ElliottTalking Columbia Blues
Ramblin' Jack ElliottThe Cuckoo
Ramblin' Jack ElliottTom Dooley
Ramblin' Jack ElliottTom Joad
Randy Brecker & Eliane EliasAmandamada
Randy Brecker & Eliane EliasGuaruja
Randy Brecker & Eliane EliasPandamandium
Randy Brecker & Eliane EliasPara Nada (For Nothing)
Randy Brecker & Eliane EliasSamba De Bamba
Randy Brecker & Eliane EliasSplash
Randy CornorSometimes I Talk In My Sleep
Randy HouserA Man Like Me
Randy HouserAnything Goes
Randy HouserBoots On
Randy HouserHow Country Feels
Randy HouserI'm All About It (Alternate Single)
Randy HouserIn God's Time
Randy HouserRunnin' Outta Moonlight
Randy HouserWhistlin' Dixie
Randy Montana1,000 Faces (CD Single)
Randy MontanaAin't Much Left Of Lovin' You (Alternate Single)
Randy OwenBraid My Hair (Radio Edit Version)
Randy OwenBraid My Hair
Randy OwenLike I Never Broke Her Heart (Alternate Version)
Randy OwenLike I Never Broke Her Heart
Randy Rogers BandOne More Sad Song 320 S (3.50)
Randy Travis Three Wooden Crosses
Randy Travis Too Gone For Too Long
Randy Travis1982
Randy TravisA Few Ole Country Boys
Randy TravisA Man Ain't Made Of Stone
Randy TravisBefore You Kill Us All
Randy TravisBetter Class Of Losers
Randy TravisDeeper Than The Holler
Randy TravisDiggin' Up Bones
Randy TravisForever And Ever Amen Always Forever
Randy TravisForever Together High Lonesome
Randy TravisHard Rock Bottom of Your Heart No Holdin Back
Randy TravisHe Walked On Water
Randy TravisHeroes and Friends
Randy TravisHonky Tonk Moon
Randy TravisI Told You So
Randy TravisI Won't Need You Anymore Always Forever
Randy TravisIf I Didn't Have You
Randy TravisIs It Still Over
Randy TravisIt's Just A Matter Of Time
Randy TravisLook Heart, No Hands
Randy TravisNo Place Like Home
Randy TravisOn The Other Hand
Randy TravisPoint Of Light
Randy TravisSpirit Of A Boy, Wisdom Of Man
Randy TravisThe Box
Randy TravisThis Is Me
Randy TravisWhisper My Name
Rascal Flatts (Feat. Natasha Bedingfield)Easy
Rascal FlattsBanjo 256 S [Single] (4.17)
Rascal FlattsBanjo
Rascal FlattsBless The Broken Road
Rascal FlattsBob That Head
Rascal FlattsChanged
Rascal FlattsClose
Rascal FlattsCome Wake Me Up (320JS - 4.04) [Short .19]
Rascal FlattsEvery Day (Radio Edit Version)
Rascal FlattsEvery Day
Rascal FlattsFast Cars And Freedom
Rascal FlattsFeels Like Today
Rascal FlattsHere Comes Goodbye
Rascal FlattsHere
Rascal FlattsI Melt
Rascal FlattsI Won't Let Go
Rascal FlattsI'm Movin' On
Rascal FlattsJingle Bell Rock
Rascal FlattsLife Is A Highway
Rascal FlattsLove Who You Love
Rascal FlattsLove You Out Loud
Rascal FlattsMayberry
Rascal FlattsMe And My Gang
Rascal FlattsMy Wish
Rascal FlattsPrayin' For Daylight
Rascal FlattsRevolution
Rascal FlattsSkin
Rascal FlattsStill Feels Good
Rascal FlattsSummer Nights
Rascal FlattsThese Days
Rascal FlattsThis Everyday Love
Rascal FlattsUnstoppable (The Olympics Mix)
Rascal FlattsUnstoppable
Rascal FlattsWhat Hurts The Most
Rascal FlattsWhile You Loved Me
Rascal FlattsWhy Wait (Alternate Single)
Rascal FlattsWhy
Rascal FlattsWinner At A Losing Game (Radio Edit Version)
Rascal FlattsWinner At A Losing Game
Ray Benson/Riders in the SkyDusty Skies
Ray Benson/Suzy BoggussOld Fashioned Love
Ray Benson/Tim McGrawMilk Cow Blues
Ray Benson/Tracy ByrdYou're from Texas
Ray BensonBring It on Down to My House
Ray BensonCherokee Maiden
Ray BensonGot a Letter from My Kid Today
Ray Charles & George JonesWe Didn't See A Thing
Ray GodfreyThe Picture
Ray KennedyWhat A Way To Go
Ray McKinleyAmerican Patrol
Ray McKinleyDont Take Your Love From Me
Ray McKinleyEasy To Love
Ray McKinleyHot Diggity
Ray McKinleyI Get A Kick Out Of You
Ray McKinleyIm In Love Again
Ray McKinleyIn The Mood
Ray McKinleyIve Got A Gal In Kalamazoo
Ray McKinleyLaura
Ray McKinleyPennsylvania 6-5000
Ray McKinleyRhapsody In Blue
Ray McKinleySong of the Volga Boatman
Ray NobleThe Very Thought of You
Ray Price & Willie NelsonFaded Love
Ray Price One More Time
Ray PriceA Way To Survive
Ray PriceBurning Memories
Ray PriceDanny Boy
Ray PriceDon't You Ever Get Tired Of Hurting Me
Ray PriceFor The Good Times
Ray PriceGrazin' In Greener Pastures
Ray PriceHeart Over Mind
Ray PriceI Wish I Could Fall In Love Today
Ray PriceI Won't Mention It Again
Ray PriceI'd Rather Be Sorry
Ray PriceI'm Still Not Over You
Ray PriceIt Don't Hurt Me Half As Bad
Ray PriceI've Been There Before
Ray PriceI've Just Destroyed The World (I'm Living In)
Ray PriceLike Old Times Again
Ray PriceMake The World Go Away
Ray PricePlease Talk To My Heart
Ray PricePride
Ray PriceRoses And Love Songs
Ray PriceShe Wears My Ring
Ray PriceShe's Got to be a Saint
Ray PriceSoft Rain
Ray PriceSweetheart Of The Year
Ray PriceTake Me As I Am (Or Let Me Go)
Ray PriceThe Lonesomest Lonesome
Ray PriceThe Other Woman
Ray PriceThe Twenty-Fourth Hour
Ray PriceTouch My Heart
Ray PriceWalk Me To The Door
Ray PriceYou Took Her Off My Hands
Ray PriceYou Wouldn't Know Love
Ray PriceYou're The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me
Ray SandersLonelyville
Ray SandersWorld So Full Of Love
Ray StevensShriner's Convention
Ray StevensThe Streak
Razzy BaileyAnywhere There's A Jukebox
Razzy BaileyFriends
Razzy BaileyI Ain't Got No Business Doin' Business Today
Razzy BaileyI Can't Get Enough Of You
Razzy BaileyI Keep Coming Back
Razzy BaileyIf Love Had A Face
Razzy BaileyLove's Gonna Fall Here Tonight
Razzy BaileyLoving Up A Storm
Razzy BaileyMidnight Hauler
Razzy BaileyScratch My Back (And Whisper In My Ear)
Razzy BaileyShe Left Love All Over Me
Razzy BaileyTonight She's Gonna Love Me (Like There Was No Tomorrow)
Razzy BaileyTrue Life Country Music
Razzy BaileyWhat Time Do You Have To Be Back To Heaven
Real EstateHere Comes Sunshine
Reba McEntire & Kelly ClarksonDoes He Love You (American Idol 9-23-02)
Reba McEntire And Kelly ClarksonBecause Of You
Reba McEntire And Kenny ChesneyEvery Other Weekend
Reba McEntire(You Lift Me) Up to Heaven
Reba McEntireAnd Still
Reba McEntireCan't Even Get The Blues
Reba McEntireCathy's Clown
Reba McEntireConsider Me Gone (Alternate Single)
Reba McEntireFallin' Out Of Love
Reba McEntireFor My Broken Heart
Reba McEntireForever Love
Reba McEntireHave I Got A Deal For You
Reba McEntireHe Gets That From Me
Reba McEntireHow Blue
Reba McEntireI Keep On Lovin' You
Reba McEntireI Know How He Feels
Reba McEntireI'd Rather Ride Around With You
Reba McEntireIf I Were A Boy
Reba McEntireIf You See Him, If You See Her
Reba McentireI'll Be
Reba McEntireI'm A Survivor
Reba McEntireI'm Gonna Take That Mountain
Reba McEntireI'm Not That Lonely Yet
Reba McEntireJust A Little Love
Reba McEntireLet The Music Lift You Up
Reba McEntireLittle Girl
Reba McEntireLittle Rock
Reba McEntireLove Will Find Its Way To You
Reba McEntireMy Sister
Reba McEntireNew Fool At An Old Game
Reba McEntireOne Honest Heart
Reba McEntireOne Promise Too Late
Reba McEntireOnly In My Mind
Reba McEntireRight or Wrong
Reba McEntireRing on Her Finger Time on Her Hands
Reba McEntireSomebody Should Leave
Reba McEntireSomebody
Reba McEntireSomebody's Chelsea
Reba McEntireSunday Kind Of Love
Reba McEntireSweet Music Man
Reba McEntireTake It Back
Reba McEntireThe Fear Of Being Alone
Reba McEntireThe Heart Is A Lonely Hunter
Reba McEntireThe Last One To Know
Reba McEntireThey Asked About You
Reba McEntireTil Love Comes Again
Reba McEntireToday All Over Again
Reba McEntireTurn On The Radio (CD Single)
Reba McEntireWe're So Good Together
Reba McEntireWhat Am I Gonna Do About You
Reba McEntireWhat Do You Say
Reba McEntireWhat If It's You
Reba McEntireWhoever's In New England
Reba McEntireWhy Do We Want (What We Know We Can't Have)
Reba McEntireWhy Havent't Heard From You
Reba McEntireWrong Night
Reba McentireYou Lie
Reba McEntireYou're Gonna Be (Always Loved By Me)
Reba McEntireYou're The First Time I've Thought About Leaving
Reba McIntire'Til You Love Me
RebaWhen Love Gets A Hold Of You
Rebecca Lynn HowardForgive
Red SimpsonI'm A Truck
Red SovineGiddyup Go
Red SovinePhantom 309
Red SovineTeddy Bear
Rehab (w Hank Williams Jr)Bartender Song
Reid, HarveyAmazing Grace/What A Friend We Have/Swing Low
Reid, HarveyCanal Street Strut
Reid, HarveyCindy/Cripple Creek
Reid, HarveyDaybreak In Dublin
Reid, HarveyDirty Dish Rag
Reid, HarveyFor Whom The Bell Tolls
Reid, HarveyFur Elise
Reid, HarveyHighwire Hornpipe
Reid, HarveyMoon River
Reid, HarveyPrelude In Dm
Reid, HarveySailing In The Lowlands
Reid, HarveySlipped Through My Hand
Reid, HarveyStill Life With Blues
Reid, HarveySuite For The Duchess
Reid, HarveySuite For The Duchess
Reid, HarveySuite For The Duchess
Reid, HarveySummertime
Reid, HarveyThe Albatross
Reid, HarveyThe Elves And The Shoemaker
Reid, HarveyThe Fisherman
Reid, HarveyWoodchopper's Reel/Jimmy In The Swamp
RemAudioTrack 01
REMFeeling Gravity's Pull
RememberHarry Nilsson
Reno & SmileyDon't Let Your Sweet Love Die
Restless Heart(Back To The) (Heartbreak Kid
Restless HeartA Tender Lie
Restless HeartBig Dreams In A Small Town
Restless HeartBluest Eyes In Texas
Restless HeartDancy's Dream
Restless HeartFast Movin' Train
Restless HeartFeel My Way To You
Restless HeartI'll Still Be Loving You
Restless HeartSay What's In Your Heart
Restless HeartThat Rock Won't Roll
Restless HeartWheels
Restless HeartWhen She Cries
Restless HeartWhy Does It Have To Be (Wrong or Right)
Restless HeartYou Can Depend On Me
Rev. C.L. FranklinRemarks by Reverend C.L. Franklin
Reva McEntireFancy
Reva McEntireI'm In A Hurry, And Don't Know Why
Reva McEntireIs There Life Out There
Reva McEntireRumor Has It
Reva McEntireThe Greatest Man I Never Knew
Rex Allen Jr.Two Less Lonely People In The World
Rex Allen JrMe And My Broken Heart
Rex Allen with The Merry Melody SingersDon't Go Near The Indians
Rex Allen, Jr.Lonely Street
Rex Allen, Jr.No, No, No (I'd Rather Be Free)
Rex AllenDon't Go Near The Indians
Rhett AkinsDon't Get Me Started
Rhett AkinsThat Ain't My Truck
Riba McenTireHow Was I To Know
Riba McEntireIt's Your Call
Riba McentireWalk On
Richard BettsLong Time Gone
Richard BettsNancy
Richard Reed Parry with Caroline Shaw & Little Scream (feat. GaBrokedown Palace
Richard, Cliff01 Seven Days To A Holiday
Richard, Cliff02 Summer Holiday
Richard, Cliff03 Let Us Take You For A Ride
Richard, Cliff04 Les Girls
Richard, Cliff05 Round & Round
Richard, Cliff06 Foot Tapper
Richard, Cliff07 Stranger In Town
Richard, Cliff08 Orlandos Mime
Richard, Cliff09 Bachelor Boy
Richard, Cliff10 A Swingin' Affair
Richard, Cliff11 Really Waltzing
Richard, Cliff12 All At Once
Richard, Cliff13 Dancing Shoes
Richard, Cliff14 Yugoslav Wedding
Richard, Cliff15 The Next Time
Richard, Cliff16 Big News
Richard, Cliff17 Summer Holiday - Advertising EP Pt1
Richard, Cliff18 The Next Time [Rehersal Take]
Richard, Cliff19 Bachelor Boy [Alternative Take]
Richard, Cliff20 Les Girls [Film Version]
Richard, Cliff21 Summer Holiday - Advertising EP pt2
Richard, Cliff22 Brass Band Opening - Summer Holiday
Richard, Cliff23 Bachelor Boy [Film Version]
Richard, Cliff24 The Next Time [Film Version]
Richard, Cliff25 Big News [Film Version]
Richard, Cliff26 Summer Holiday [Film Version]
Richie McDonaldHow Do I Just Stop
Richie McDonaldSix-Foot Teddybear
Rick NelsonLonesome Town
Rick SpringfieldSpeak to the Sky
Rick TrevinoBobbie Ann Mason
Rick TrevinoDoctor Time
Rick TrevinoI Only Get This Way With You
Rick TrevinoLearning As You Go
Rick TrevinoRunning Out Of Reasons To Run
Rick TrevinoSeparate Ways
Rick TrevinoShe Can't Say I Didn't Cry
Ricky SkaggsCajun Moon
Ricky SkaggsCountry Boy
Ricky SkaggsCrying My Heart Out Over You
Ricky SkaggsDon't Cheat In Our Hometown
Ricky SkaggsHeartbroke
Ricky SkaggsHighway 40 Blues
Ricky SkaggsHoney (Open That Door)
Ricky SkaggsI Don't Care
Ricky SkaggsI Wouldn't Change You If I Could
Ricky SkaggsLet It Be You
Ricky SkaggsLove's Gonna Get You Someday
Ricky SkaggsLovin' Only Me
Ricky SkaggsSomething In My Heart
Ricky SkaggsUncle Pen
Ricky SkaggsYou And Me (feat. David Harvey, Jan Harvey, Tim May, Andy Hall,
Ricky SkaggsYou Make Me Feel Like A Man
Ricky SkaggsYou've Got A Lover
Ricky Van Shelton01 - I am a simple man
Ricky Van Shelton10 - keep it between the lines
Ricky Van Sheltonbackroads
Ricky Van SheltonCrime Of Passion
Ricky Van SheltonDon't We All Have That Right
Ricky Van SheltonFrom A Jack To A King
Ricky Van SheltonHole In My Pocket
Ricky Van SheltonI Meant Every Word He Said
Ricky Van SheltonI'll Leave This World Loving
Ricky Van SheltonI've Cried My Last Tear For You
Ricky Van SheltonLife Turned Her That Way
Ricky Van SheltonLife's Little Ups And Downs
Ricky Van SheltonLiving Proof
Ricky Van SheltonSomebody Lied
Ricky Van SheltonStatue Of A Fool
Ricky Van SheltonWild Man
RicochetDaddy's Money
RicochetHe Left A Lot To Be Desired
RicochetLove Is Stronger Than Pride
RicochetWhat Do I Know
Rissi PalmerCountry Girl
Rissi PalmerHold On To Me
Rissi PalmerNo Air
Riva McEntire & Linda DavisDoes He Love You
Rob CrosbyLove Will Bring Her Around
Robert MitchumLittle Ole Wine Drinker Me
Rockie LynneI Can't Believe It's Me
Rockie LynneI Can't Believe It's Me
Rockie LynneLipstick
Rockie LynneMore
Rod StewartMaggie May
Rodney Atkins15 Minutes
Rodney AtkinsChasin' Girls
Rodney AtkinsCleaning This Gun (Come On In Boy)
Rodney AtkinsFarmer's Daughter (Alternate Single)
Rodney AtkinsFarmer's Daughter
Rodney AtkinsHe's Mine - 320 ST 3.11
Rodney AtkinsHonesty (Write Me A List)
Rodney AtkinsIf You're Goin' Through Hell (Before The Devil Even Knows)
Rodney AtkinsInvisibly Shaken
Rodney AtkinsIt's America
Rodney AtkinsJust Wanna Rock And Roll 320 S (4.00)
Rodney AtkinsMy Old Man
Rodney AtkinsTake A Back Road
Rodney AtkinsThese Are My People
Rodney CrowellAbove And Beyond (The Call Of Love)
Rodney CrowellAfter All This Time
Rodney CrowellI Couldn't Leave You If I Tried
Rodney CROWELLIt's Such a Small world
Rodney CrowellLovin' All Night
Rodney CrowellShe's Crazy For Leaving
Rodney FosterNobody Wins
Roger MillerChug-A-Lug
Roger MillerDang Me
Roger MillerDo-Wacka-Do
Roger MillerEngine Engine #9
Roger MillerEngland Swings
Roger MillerHusbands And Wives
Roger MillerI've Been A Long Time Leavin' (But I'll Be A Long Time Gone)
Roger MillerKansas City Star
Roger MillerKing Of The Road
Roger MillerLittle Green Apples
Roger MillerLittle Green Apples
Roger MillerMe And Bobby McGee
Roger MillerOne Dyin' And A Buryin'
Roger MillerTomorrow Night In Baltimore
Roger MillerWalking In The Sunshine
Roger MillerWhen Two Worlds Collide
Roger MillerYou Don't Want My Love
Roger Springer/Tommy Nixon/Mark ChesnuttAs Honky Tonk Turns
Ronnie BowmanThe Story In Your Eyes (feat. John Cowan, David Harvey, Tim May
Ronnie DunnBleed Red (CD Single)
Ronnie DunnCost Of Livin'
Ronnie DunnLet The Cowboy Rock 320 S (2.55)
Ronnie James DioCaught In The Middle
Ronnie James DioDon't Talk To Strangers
Ronnie James DioGypsy
Ronnie James DioHoly Diver
Ronnie James DioInvisible
Ronnie James DioRainbow In The Dark
Ronnie James DioShame On The Night
Ronnie James DioStand Up And Shout
Ronnie James DioStraight Through The Heart
Ronnie McDowellAll Tied Up
Ronnie McDowellI Dream of Women Like You
Ronnie McdowellI Love You, I Love You, I Love You
Ronnie McDowellIn A New York Minute
Ronnie McDowellOlder Women
Ronnie McdowellStep Back
Ronnie McDowellWandering Eyes
Ronnie McDowellWatchin' Girls Go By
Ronnie McDowellYou Made A Wanted Man Of Me
Ronnie McDowellYou're Gonna Ruin My Bad Reputation
Ronnie Milsap & Kenny RogersMake No Mistake, She's Mine
Ronnie Milsap & Mike ReidOld Folks
Ronnie Milsap(All Together Now) Let's Fall Apart
Ronnie MilsapA Woman In love
Ronnie MilsapAm I Losing You
Ronnie MilsapAny Day Now
Ronnie MilsapAre You Lovin' Me Like I'm Lovin You
Ronnie MilsapButton Off My Shirt
Ronnie MilsapCarolina Dreams
Ronnie MilsapCowboys And Clowns
Ronnie MilsapDaydreams About Night Things
Ronnie MilsapDon't You Ever Get Tired Of Hurting Me
Ronnie MilsapDon't You Know How Much I Love You
Ronnie MilsapGet It Up
Ronnie MilsapHappy, Happy Birthday Baby
Ronnie MilsapHe Got You
Ronnie MilsapHouston Solution
Ronnie MilsapHow Do I Turn You On
Ronnie MilsapI Hate You
Ronnie MilsapI Wouldn't Have Missed It For The World
Ronnie MilsapI'd Be A Legend In My Own Time
Ronnie MilsapI'm A Stand By My Woman Man
Ronnie MilsapIn Love
Ronnie MilsapIn No Time At All
Ronnie MilsapInside
Ronnie MilsapIt Was Almost Like A Song
Ronnie MilsapJust In Case
Ronnie MilsapLet My Love Be Your Pillow
Ronnie MilsapLet's Take The Long Way Around
Ronnie MilsapLost In The Fifties Tonight
Ronnie MilsapMisery Loves Company
Ronnie MilsapMy Heart
Ronnie MilsapNobody Likes Sad Songs
Ronnie MilsapOnly One Love In My Life
Ronnie MilsapPlease Don't Tell Me How The Story Ends
Ronnie MilsapPure Love
Ronnie MilsapSanta Barbara
Ronnie MilsapShe Keeps The Home Fires Burning
Ronnie MilsapShow Her
Ronnie MilsapSilent Night (After The Fight)
Ronnie MilsapSince I Don't Have You
Ronnie MilsapSmoky Mountain Rain
Ronnie MilsapSnap Your Fingers
Ronnie MilsapStill Losing You
Ronnie MilsapStranger In My House
Ronnie MilsapStranger Things Have Happened
Ronnie MilsapThere's No Getting Over Me
Ronnie MilsapToo Late To Worry, Too Blue To Cry
Ronnie MilsapTurn That Radio On
Ronnie MilsapWhat A Difference You've Made
Ronnie MilsapWhat Goes On When The Sun Goes Down
Ronnie MilsapWhere Do The Nights Go
Ronnie MilsapWhy Don't You Spend The Night
Ronnie Wood/The CorrsRuby Tuesday
Ronstadt - Heart Like A WheelTrack01
Ronstadt - Heart Like A WheelTrack02
Ronstadt - Heart Like A WheelTrack03
Ronstadt - Heart Like A WheelTrack04
Ronstadt - Heart Like A WheelTrack05
Ronstadt - Heart Like A WheelTrack06
Ronstadt - Heart Like A WheelTrack07
Ronstadt - Heart Like A WheelTrack08
Ronstadt - Heart Like A WheelTrack09
Ronstadt - Heart Like A WheelTrack10
Rosanne CashAin't No Money
Rosanne CashBlue Moon With Heartache
Rosanne CashHold On
Rosanne CashI Don't Know Why You Don't Want Me
Rosanne CashI Don't Want To Spoil The Party
Rosanne CashIf You Change Your Mind
Rosanne CashMy Baby Thinks He's A Train
Rosanne CashNever Be You
Rosanne CashSecond To No One
Rosanne CashSeven Year Ache
Rosanne CashTennessee Flat-Top Box
Rosanne CashThe Way We Make A Broken Heart
Rose MaddoxConscience I'm Guilty
Rose MaddoxDown To The River
Rose MaddoxI Want To Live Again
Rose MaddoxKissing My Pillow
Rose MaddoxLonely Teardrops
Rose MaddoxSing A Little Song Of Heartache
Rose MaddoxSomebody Told Somebody
Roseanne CashRunaway Train
Rosie CrossCherry Tree Carol
Roy ClarkCome Live With Me
Roy ClarkHoneymoon Feeling
Roy ClarkI Never Picked Cotton
Roy ClarkIf I Had To Do It All Over Again
Roy ClarkLawrence Welk-Hee Haw Counter-Revolution Polka
Roy ClarkSomewhere Between Love And Tomorrow
Roy ClarkThank God And Greyhound
Roy ClarkTips Of My Fingers
Roy ClarkYesterday, When I Was Young
Roy Drusky & Priscilla MitchellYes Mr. Peters
Roy Drusky(From Now On All My Friends Are Gonna Be) Strangers
Roy DruskyAll My Hard Times
Roy DruskyAnother
Roy DruskyAnymore
Roy DruskyI Went Out Of My Way (To Make You Happy)
Roy DruskyI'd Rather Loan You Out
Roy DruskyIf The Whole World Stopped Lovin'
Roy DruskyI'll Make Amends
Roy DruskyLong Long Texas Road
Roy DruskyPeel Me A 'nanner
Roy DruskyPick Of The Week
Roy DruskySecond Hand Rose
Roy DruskySuch A Fool
Roy DruskyThe World Is Round
Roy DruskyThree Hearts in a Tangle
Roy DruskyWhere The Blue And Lonely Go
Roy RogersLovenworth
Royal Philharmonic OrchestraBohemian Rhapsody
Royal Philharmonic OrchestraRadio Ga-Ga
Ruby WrightDern Ya
Rufus WainwrightAcross the Universe
Rushlow HarrisBagpipes Cryin'
RushlowI Can't Be Your Friend
Rusty & Doug KershawDiggy Liggy Lo
Rusty DougLouisiana Man
Ryan AdamsTrack 01
Ryan AdamsTrack 02
Ryan AdamsTrack 03
Ryan AdamsTrack 04
Ryan AdamsTrack 05
Ryan AdamsTrack 06
Ryan AdamsTrack 07
Ryan AdamsTrack 08
Ryan AdamsTrack 09
Ryan AdamsTrack 10
Ryan AdamsTrack 11
Ryan AdamsTrack 12
Ryan AdamsTrack 13
Ryan AdamsTrack 14
Ryan AdamsTrack 15
Ryan AdamsTrack 16
Ryan AdamsTrack 17
Ryan Shupe & The RubberbandDream Big
Ryan TylerRun, Run, Run
Ryker'sLondon Leatherboys

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