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Tyler Zahnke

I am a blind musician, singer, songwriter, composer, and audio editor with a fascination with collecting media of all kinds. I have been singing since 2001, and composing and writing songs for almost that long.

I am a long-time disability advocate and I have devoted my life to music, advocacy, and collecting media. I have worked with disability art organization, DisArt; writers with disabilities organization, Behind Our Eyes; and Nashville Country Music publisher. Diamond Garden Music, on various music and writing-related projects.

One of my fiction stories about a seemingly haunted virtual meeting was published in the 2013 anthology, Behind Our Eyes: A Second Look. I have participated in the online contest, Song Fight since 2013, and in the Online Song Contest a number of times since 2014.

I have been a long-time writer for the online encyclopedia, Encyc, and have contributed to more popular online encyclopedias such as Wikipedia and Citizendium. Some of my poetry appeared in some of the final issues of E.S. Wynn's poetry magazine, Leaves Of Ink.

I have created several text-based online games, most notably, Magicassette, a story about a magic audiotape recorder that can travel through space and time, and cast spells.

To contact Tyler with comments, or song requests for Digits Of Destiny, send an email to

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